AWS Solutions Architect

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Course Overview

Ready to design scalable and resilient cloud solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Join our AWS Solutions Architect Course and become proficient in crafting innovative and reliable cloud architectures.

Start here to become an AWS Solutions Architect. Gain the skills and knowledge to design architectural solutions on AWS and prepare for your AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam.

What you’ll learn
  • Make informed decisions about when and how to apply key AWS Services for compute, storage, database, networking, monitoring, and security.
  • Create and operate a data lake in a secure and scalable way, ingest and organize data into the data lake, and optimize performance and costs.
  • Design architectural solutions, whether designing for cost, performance, and/or operational excellence, to address common business challenges.
  • Prepare for the certification exam, identify your strengths and gaps for each domain area, and build strategies for identifying incorrect responses.
Skills you’ll gain
  • Data Lakes
  • AWS Management Console
  • AWS Certification Preparation
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Architecting on AWS


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