Why Data Analysis

Data analytics helps you make better decisions

By learning how to harness the power of the data that you interact with at work, rather than leading with just your gut feelings, you can have a big impact on your company’s business decisions and success. With a data skill set, you’ll be able to analyze social media engagement trends, customer buying behaviour, and demographic info to help reach your sales goals and better connect with your audience.

Data analytics skills boost your problem-solving skills

The core of analytics is all about using data to solve problems. Challenging your brain to think analytically and find solutions in new ways is always a useful skill in both your professional and personal life. Consistently working on problem solving helps you think outside the box, work under pressure, communicate better, and ultimately, be a greater asset to any employer.

Data analytics careers are high-paying

We all want to be well compensated for doing our job, and it’s almost a guarantee you will be in the data analytics field! According to¬†Glassdoor, the average base salary for a data analyst in Canada is currently about $62,000, with more experienced professionals making upwards of $80,000 or more.

Testimonies From Some Of Our Students

Data Analysis
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