The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is the most globally recognized certification in the information security market.

CISSP validates an information security professional’s deep technical
and managerial knowledge and experience to effectively design, engineer, and manage the overall security
posture of an organization.

Experience Requirements

Candidates must have a minimum of five years cumulative paid work experience in two or more of the
eight domains of the CISSP CBK. Earning a four year college degree or regional equivalent or an additional
credential from the (ISC)2
approved list will satisfy one year of the required experience. Education credit will
only satisfy one year of experience.
A candidate that doesn’t have the required experience to become a CISSP may become an Associate of (ISC)2
by successfully passing the CISSP examination. The Associate of (ISC)2
will then have six years to earn the five
years required experience


By becoming a CISSP, you join an elite league of professionals proficient in areas such as Asset Security, Identity and Access Management, and Security Operations.

Don’t just aim for competence; strive for excellence. Register now and embark on a journey that will elevate your cybersecurity prowess to new heights. Let CISSP be your beacon in the ever-evolving landscape of information security.

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